Friday, October 22, 2010

ESP P37a discrete component class A preamp

I was asked by a long standing customer to construct this ESP P37a on vero-brd. He would provide the case and PS. Basic polypropelene capacitors and metal film resistors were used. A bi-polar capacitor was used on the output stage. Low ESR caps were used in the power filtering stage. Silver based solder used throughout.

Though a simple preamp building on vero-brd. is always time consuming. I was very pleased with the build and had a short listen to ensure the cct. brd. performed well. I was pleased with the sound which appeared flat across the frequency spectrum and very natural.

I charged the customer $AU100 for the finish and tested cct. brd. and this included shipping to Malaysia. I would recommend the preamp but purchase the cct. brd. for it.

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  1. Hi.I tried to make this preamp,but without pcb layout and I failed. Since this was my first project and my knowledge is very basic can you help me with some photos of complete project and explanations.My e-mail: (I am from Croatia,so sorry for my english).Thanks