Monday, November 1, 2010

Pass BoZ cct. brd.

See the finished BoZ below. As with the B1, Russian PIO caps on the input and polies on the output. The simpler BoZ I built here came with no PS. So I borrowed some of the PS ideas from the B1. A 1ohm resistors feeds the first 10,000uf cap and a 10ohm the second. Where the B1 has Nichicon filter caps BoZ has a cheaper filter cap. Alps blue velvet pot and 4oz solid brass knob.

Also I placed the components in mirrored style on the vero-brd. One channel reflects the other. Not sure this will increase fidelity but it looks good. With the B1 I simply copied on channel on the second half of the brd. to provide a second channel.

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