Monday, December 26, 2011

Le Pacific pre-preamp for MC

To compliment a two stage tube phono preamp I added this Le Pacific jFet based Moving Coil pre-preamp. It uses only a single jFet and a few other components. This very simple pre will deliver good voltage levels to any phono preamp and being battery powered it does it quietly. The total construction was on a single piece of veroboard (proto strip board) no PCB.

The output capacitors are Russian PIO the same used in the retro-thermionic tube phono preamp. The loading is 100ohms and 1nF. Silver soldered and housed in a heavy cast Al enclosure sprayed in a delightful Sungold epoxy enamel paint. With a 0.35mV Audio-technica AT-F3/III cartridge this preamp produces good dynamics and a strong output.

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