Sunday, August 26, 2012

La Boca - MC phono preamp

I was  asked to make a MC phono preamp for an audio club member. My experience with both my clone of a Boozhoundlab (BHL) phono stage and the Le Pacific MC preamp made it easy to put together a dedicated MC phono preamp. I used my previously made BHL Chocolate Box phono stage with RIAA equalization and a freshly built Le Pacific stage. Both of these modules are good performers.

The MC stage and BHL phono have there own battery supplies. The BHL phono stage has a large 10,000uf cap to allow bottomless drive and dead black back grounds. The cct. brds. are housed in a 1U 19" case and looks very purpose like. There is considerable RFI snubbing throughout and a light layer of Dacron is placed over the cct. brd. to control cct. and enclosure resonances. A battery test point is provided at the front. The synergy of the two cct. brd. and battery system makes for one extremely good sounding preamp. It will be missed in my system,

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