Monday, December 27, 2010

BoZ on a Cap (BoZoaC)

BoZoaC (BoZ on a Cap) uses a recursive component-2-component construction method to build the whole of the preamp cct. on the output caps. See the posted images below of the BoZoaC engine.

In my system input caps are not required and an earlier BoZSE build (input capless) proved that removing these caps improved overall performance of the preamp. Anytime signal path can be reduced in length and component-2-component construction methods used, sound quality has to improve. If look at the BoZoaC engine below it is obvious the signal path on the cct. is reduced to component length.

Some very high-end preamp manufactures will not use metal cases to enclose the boutique components claiming magnetic and eddy current issues. I chose this plastic case for similar reasons and wanted a non-resonant slim case to enclose this unusual build.

Though only a few hours of play have pasted through this tiny little preamp cct. I am convinced the sound equals or betters that of BoZSE which is supported by 30,000uf of storage caps. There appears to be a greater immediacy of the music with equivalent bottom end. Only comparative listening will prove this but this whole build is very satisfying so far.

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